2021 Season Update

Published on 4th June 2021

Richard Byass, Field Operation Manager

We are currently 81% through the drilling programme having been held back for a few days by the wet weather in May. Interestingly rainfall varied from 60 mm to 132 mm over the growing area for the month of May.

I expect all drillings to be completed by the 17th June which will give us a 105 day spread over the drilling season. We have found that drilling the area sub 100 days significantly increases the risk of bypassing crops so we will be satisfied at this finish date.

Generally speaking, crops are looking well and Agrii are doing a good job of keeping up with the field walking and agchem applications.

‘First flower’ appeared slightly later than expected due to the relatively cool weather in May so we now expect to start harvesting early July. This has all been helped along by crops rapidly moving through the growth stages now that the warm weather has arrived.

The four harvesters and ancillary equipment are almost completely overhauled and ready to start. There have been major improvements to the crop sampling equipment which we rely on to guide us accurately through the harvest. We also have a new larger high-lift trailer for this season which will help to reduce harvesting ‘down time’. This is especially important in mid-season when we are typically under pressure to keep on top of the work load.

All our crops are showing good potential and we are fortunate that the start of flowering has coincided with the arrival of good weather.