Pre-harvest pea quality sampling and readiness

Published on 16th July 2020

The objective is to balance quality and quantity whilst aiming for the optimum tenderness rating (TR) of below 105. In warm weather the reading can vary easily 3 – 4 points within a 12 hour period. Ultimately we are aiming for top quality AA grade 150 minute peas.

Pea quality is measured right down from AA to grade E. Weather conditions can affect quality enormously, whether it is too hot, too dry or too wet. In order to protect our objective we grow 38 different varieties which are matched to the geographical region on the basis of inherent characteristics of maturity dates. These are then sewn in a strictly planned chronological drilling programme which also takes account of the harvesting team’s ability to reach each particular variety on each farm block at perfect maturity.

In the picture, SBP’s Vining Pea Sampler Anthony is processing freshly picked peas, threshing them out and cleaning them before taking them to the factory for a TR reading.