The race is on: 150 minutes from field to freezer

Published on 1st September 2019

Every pea that is harvested must be frozen within 150 minutes. That is from the moment the plant is cut and the pod removed to the moment the fresh pea is processed and frozen. This is the industry standard to ensure that tenderness and sweetness are preserved at the highest possible levels to deliver a top-quality product to consumers. But at SBP it isn’t exactly a race because the odds are stacked in our favour.

Firstly, we have the huge advantage of using some of the most advanced equipment in the industry. Our four PMC pea viners harvest peas at a rate of 2,500 kg per hour per viner with transport logistics from field to factory being efficiently managed to meet the requirements of both quality and speed.

Secondly, all the farms on which our co-operative grows peas are within a 35-mile radius of the freezer facility at Eyemouth. This means that even the longest journey is achievable well within the designated timeframe.

Lastly, in our corner of the Scottish Borders, East Lothian and North Northumberland, road links are excellent and the roads themselves are extremely quiet. This low traffic density means that there are vey few delays, making the 150-minute target easily achievable.