Ideal growing conditions

The soils and climate of this region are ideally suited to the production of vining peas. With excellent clay loam soils, low altitude, low rainfall and a temperate climate the crop avoids the extremes of wet and heat which can be so damaging to productivity elsewhere in the country. Of particular benefit are the longer daylight hours in this area which coincide with the peas’ short growing period. This naturally enhances the flowering, pollination and pod development phases of the crop cycle, resulting in consistently high yields of top quality vining peas.

Natural advantages

The natural advantages of this region provide a number of benefits for our customers, many of which are environmental and mean that we use relatively low levels of plant protection products. Excellent road links and the close geographical spread of our growers means that our peas reach the freezer processing factory in the optimum period of time with a low carbon footprint.

Environmentally responsible

Vining peas provide an ideal habitat for pollinators while also delivering natural benefits to soil nutrition and structure. SBP is a committed member of the Red Tractor Assured Produce Scheme which promotes safe and environmentally responsible production of fruit and vegetables through the use of integrated crop management (I.C.M.). This standard recognises the need for crop production to be both economically and environmentally sustainable.