Crop Benefits

Natural benefits

1. Natural nitrogen fixer

Peas are an excellent break crop, enhancing soil health by introducing a natural source of nitrogen which is stored in the soil and drawn down gradually by subsequent crops.

2. Improved soil structure

Soil structure is also improved because, following a pea crop, there is no need to plough. Instead one-pass minimum tillage systems minimise soil compaction while helping to maintain soil moisture and nutrients naturally.

3. Natural pollinator

Vining peas provide an ideal habitat and nutrition source for pollinators.

4. Valuable forage crop

Nowadays forage crops are at a premium with hay and straw fetching high prices. Pea haulm can be baled or ensiled to produce an environmentally responsible high protein forage crop suitable for livestock.

Commercial benefits

1. Managed crop within a rotation

Where peas are integrated into an arable rotation, growers benefit from the saving in fixed costs delivered by a fully managed crop. All aspects of the process are undertaken on their behalf by SBP’s experienced professional team, from crop establishment to haulage, processing and marketing, without the need for additional overheads or equipment.

2. Ideal entry for winter wheat

When the viners leave, the field is cleared and ready for immediate cultivation. The natural nitrogen-fixing qualities of vining peas make them an ideal entry for winter wheat, which is particularly high yielding following a pea crop.

3. Benefit from membership of a long-established and successful co-operative

Growers benefit from the expert management of SBP including top of the range vining harvesting equipment which is meticulously maintained and expertly operated ensuring minimal down time. In addition, SBP liaises with buyers and manages sales with all profits shared proportionately amongst members.

4. High grower retention

Our membership has continued to grow year on year and there is an extremely high retention rate, with many farmer members having been with us for 20 years or more. Applications from new growing members are always welcome.