Investment in Quality 2023

Published on 16th March 2023

We are currently being held up from our planned early planting regime by the snow, ice and rain which is making for a late and cold start.

So, while we wait, here is an update on how SBP is investing in quality.

Our objective is to wait for correct soil conditions so that a fine, level and even seedbed is created for perfect germination.

This ensures that even rows of peas emerge, greatly helping the efficiency of the pre-emergence herbicide. It will also ensure optimum plant population which gives the greatest potential for maximum yields of peas.

We are continually investing in new machinery and techniques in order to gain working efficiencies and improve the quality of the harvested pea. A new stainless steel high lift trailer on low ground pressure tyres helps speed up the delivery chain to the factory which ensures we meet the frozen pea criteria of 2.5 hours from field to factory.

New sieve screens have been fitted to the viners in order to deliver a cleaner sample to the factory with less waste. Eyemouth Freezers uses a new Optical Colour Sorter to produce even more consistency of product.

SBP Ltd have also purchased a new specialist fixed Mini-Viner which delivers a representative sample for Tenderomoeter readings which determines readiness for harvesting, in co-ordination with the factory schedule.