2021 Harvest Update

Published on 13th September 2021

Richard Byass, Field Operations Manager

Harvest was completed and the final tonnes of 2021 processed and frozen on Friday 10th September. We have more than achieved our budget for this year.

2021 has been a very busy season, and also a rewarding one which I think is a reflection of the increasing agronomical standards of Growers (collectively) across the  growing area. The teams at both field and factory have worked very hard to get this result with great camaraderie and look forward to coming back next season.

The four harvesters have clocked-up over 5,000 hours between them this season which started on the 29th June. The out of season overhaul and in season maintenance has been done to a very high standard which again is reflected in the outcome.

I am pleased with the drilling plan which was spread over 105 days and then transformed in to the harvest plan of 74 days with a relatively low level of bypassed hectares. There have been a few days off towards the end of the season which were used for much needed maintenance and of course some R & R.

Going forwards, focus will be on varieties and varietal resistance as PPP’s are reduced, in particular fungicidal seed dressings. There will be more varietal trials in 2022.

A new harvester has also been ordered for next season. There are improvements to the threshing and cleaning systems and also to the six wheel drive transmission which will reduce wheel slippage and therefore soil compaction, particularly in wet conditions.

I will be sending out a request for more field information soon as preparations are already well on the way for the 2022 season which incidentally will be SBP’s 50th anniversary.